Use a slinky encase a bird feeder pole to prevent squirrels from climbing up or at the very least, deter them for a little bit. One of our favorites that are just made for this is the Slinky For Bird Feeder Pole from Songbird Essentials. Below are some tips that will teach birdwatching enthusiasts how to squirrel proof your bird feeders. There also might be some bird feeders that are made specifically for avoiding this very incident. Let’s take a look at what these are so you’ll know how to keep squirrels out of bird feeders.

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  • The cardinal ring attracts plenty of northern cardinals, which is the main purpose of having that feeder anyway.
  • It keeps the feeds dry and prevents the feeder from filling with water.
  • I found that some birds are able to loosen it up so I applied a bit of melted glue stick inside to prevent it from getting removed completely.
  • Position hopper feeders on a pole about five feet off the ground.
  • If you have really determined squirrels though, then just add a baffle halfway through and all your problems will be solved.

Keeping your window free of blockage would mean less to best ice maker countertop none attached to it. If you can’t choose between bird watching and a spotless view of your window then the Perky-Pet Window Hummingbird Feeder is your best choice. Still, like any other feeder, it is important to read the fine prints and get inspiration from expert birders on which bird feeder is best for your type of window.

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Since pole feeders are typically more difficult to fill, you’ll be happy that this Woodlink feeder holds 12 pounds of seed. Made of green powder-coated metal, the feeder is double-sided to accommodate a whole flock of birds. The feeder comes with a zinc-plated steel hanger and mounting hardware for a 5-foot sectional black powder-coated metal pole, so you have options for installation.

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With this affordable kit from Selections, you will be able to feed the birds throughout the whole year. Easy to refill and maintain, this kit has one of the greatest value-quality ratios among similar products in the same class. The hanging wire is small and it can make it difficult to hang the feeder. Jeff Jones is a Bird Specialist based in Nashville, Tennessee.

They can still get to it, but because they can’t really get comfortable, they don’t sit there nearly as long. The roof keeps them pretty dry and the seeds in the bottle will cover them with a new layer. All in all, this project only cost me 10 dollars to make, including the seeds and the good news is I also have a lot of scrap wood I can use for future projects. It was a great and fun project which challenged me to come up with a design unlike anything else out there. This is one of my favorite projects to date, as it looks awesome and it should keep all the bird visiting my garden happy.

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Just keep them at a distance where the squirrels won’t be able to jump to them. For $35, Perky-Pet fans get a one-of-a-kind finch feeder that doubles as a great outdoor space light and conversation piece. The feeder features a striking yellow powder-coated look that’s both durable and pleasing to the eye. In addition to goldfinches, this feeder attracts pine siskins, purple finches, and more small bird varieties.

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At first, it may seem like a squirrel is a welcome addition to backyard wildlife, and many birders don’t mind occasional squirrel visits. Other birders, however, may have more severe difficulties with squirrels and their voracious appetites, frequent visits, and domineering attitudes. It enables hanging and placing of feeders at the highest possible spot. It helps prevent rodent attacks and competition, while making bird food easily accessible to the wild birds you are targeting. This pole should be strong enough to withstand the simultaneous feeding of birds. Sometimes, it has additional features such as hangers, hooks, or dishes that provide roosting spots.

Sunflower seeds or mixed seeds are popular for use in these feeders and will attract many songbirds such as cardinals, finches, and chickadees. Black oil sunflower seeds are especially popular with bird enthusiasts. The outer shell of the black oil sunflower seeds are thinner and easier to crack than other types of sunflower seeds.

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Some backyard birders have the greatest problems with bully birds that eat the cast-off seeds below hanging and post feeders. Pigeons are notorious for gathering in flocks underneath feeders for their meals. The solution for this problem is to collect the fallen seeds in a deep container, such as a plastic garbage can or pail, that the pest birds cannot or will not get into. You can make a hole in the center of the container and place it right on your feeder pole. You can also try using a seed hoop or seed catcher tray to contain the mess. With grounded feeders, you need not fear the feeder being destroyed by falling from a height, whether due to strong winds or bird weight.