These lubes fall into the general category of “Natural” lubes. These lubes are generally oil or water-based and contain natural, often organic ingredients to reduce friction. Much like oil-based lubes, silicone last longer but is harder to clean up when the fun is over. Useable In Water – Silicone lubes can be used in situations where water-based lubes would simply wash away. It started with a simple idea… It began with a simple idea – to provide high-quality sex toys in gay-friendly environment online. This body massage powder transforms into a simple to wash lubricant with the accession of water.

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  • Add 2-3 tablespoons of J-Lube powder to the bottle.
  • The silicone creates a pleasurable gliding feeling, which makes anal sex much more enjoyable and safe.
  • If you like your man on top and in control when having anal sex, then you are going to adore the Jockey sex position.

No matter if you start your fisting session with a lot of lube, make sure you add a little more to it to augment your sexual pleasure. Moreover, the anus doesn’t produce its own lube, and therefore, it is imperative that you use plenty of lube for fisting the anus. Remember to find and choose the best lube for anal fisting, for a safe anal fisting experience. Sliquid Silk Hybrid lubricant is free of glycerin and paraben, making it very eco and vegan-friendly. It’s also safe, especially for those who may have allergies and sensitive skins. Plus, it’s very safe to use with latex condoms and sex toys, making things better.

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You can see that you have many options should you run out of stock of your favorite personal lube in the middle of the night. Derived from milk, it is full of casein proteins that have a tendency to turn rancid pretty quickly. This means you run the risk of developing a bacterial infection inside your vagina or anus.

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Not to be confused with butter (milk products on warm surfaces – i.e. your bits – will not be pretty) but margarine is totally safe to use. Also don’t use any flavoured oils – stick to the raw, natural stuff – otherwise you safe knife play ‘ll get irritation where youreallydon’t want it. It smells like heaven and can even ward off yeast infections. This rich, silky lube is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a trusty water-based brand. Reviewers rave about it, including one reviewer who says it’s “the best I’ve ever used. Lasts and lasts. Little need to reapply. Feels natural.”

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If you are looking to go big, and need all the help you can get, then Invade is the anal lube for you. What makes it so slippery is the oil base cream with a built in desensitizer which is designed to let you stretch out to some pretty impressive sizes. There are two things I look for when picking a water lube – consistency and longevity.In this case, H2O beats all other lubes out there.

In use that means X Lube does not become sticky and does not leave a film on your skin. Its easily wiped away with a dry cloth and washed out with water – no salt needed. It also means that X Lube does not spoil as quickly as J Lube, despite the fact there are no added preservatives. Having said that, it is possible to add water to Crisco to make it more smooth and therefore it is also possible to add a small amount of X Lube to it. Our tests have shown that no more than 10ml of pre-mixed up X Lube on 500g Crisco should be used. The Crisco should be at room temperature for the process and the mixing itself should be as gentle as possible .

Try our premium water-based lubricant and enjoy 20% off with the couponLOVELUBE. Wicked lubricant is great for a smooth feel and great taste. Wicked® edible flavored lubes satisfies your sweet tooth and your intimate desires. Cinnamon Bun provides just enough scent and flavor to keep your mouthwatering and give you a little tang as you continue using it. Cherry Cordial really tastes like chocolate covered cherries. At the end of the day, you don’t have to be a lube connoisseur to enjoy anal, but it helps to know a thing or two about your options.

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There are multiple ways to train your butt, but we recommend using a plug-shaped toy or small-sized vibrator to stretch the hole. You can also invest in a dilating toy that is specifically designed for stretching the ass. For you and your partner to enjoy fisting, you will need time to relax your body and mind. The activity is more of a team effort, and the giver needs to understand the receiver and make them as comfortable as possible.

Wilde recommends starting however you normally would sexually, and then move up one finger at the time until she can comfortably accommodate four of your fingers. At that point, it’s just about getting past your knuckles, because then your full fist will form pretty naturally once you’re inside. It glides so smoothly, and you can use it with all sorts of sex toys and condoms. Plus, it comes in a travel-friendly bottle that you can carry anytime, anywhere. It’s designed to cut friction and pain from the picture and includes additional olive leaf extracts, which further add to its longevity. The same extract also prevents the spread of bacteria, making your anal sex pleasurable and safe.